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HACCP Principles and Application Online Training


The HACCP Principles and Application course is designed to teach you how to develop, implement and maintain a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. The training is presented in 18 separate modules which cover the 5 preliminary steps and the 7 principles of HACCP.

This course is accredited by the International HACCP Alliance.

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An integral part to your overall food safety management system is the requirement to use the steps and principles of HACCP to identify, assess, control and monitor food safety hazards that may occur in your food business. If the steps and requirements of HACCP are not correctly undertaken and implemented, there can be significant impacts on both your customers and your business. These impacts can include product recall, injury, illness, customer complaints or decreased business profit.

The HACCP Principles and Applications course is designed to teach you how to develop, implement and maintain a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. The training is presented in 18 separate modules which cover the 5 preliminary steps and the 7 principles of HACCP. Practical examples and activities are provided to assist with development and implementation within your food business. Additionally, participants will learn techniques for managing both HACCP and pre-requisite programs to ensure food products are safe and suitable for customers and consumers.



The HACCP Principles and Applications course material covers:

  • An Introduction to HACCP
  • Good manufacturing practices
  • Hazard Identification
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Control measures
  • How to determine critical control points
  • Setting appropriate critical limits and documenting their validation
  • Designing effective monitoring actions
  • Verification and implementation activities for your HACCP Plan
  • Documentation and Record keeping
  • Maintaining the HACCP Plan
  • Training line and production staff
  • HACCP and the Regulatory Environment
  • Case studies and activities to help with understanding and implementation

Activities, knowledge and competency checks are incorporated throughout this course. 


At the completion of this course, it is expected that you will be able to:

  • Recognize the Relationship Between HACCP and Food Safety
  • Review Good Manufacturing Practices (not a part of the HACCP plan)
  • Identify and Control Hazards
  • Present and Discuss the Principles of HACCP
  • Establish Critical Control Point monitoring requirements and procedures for using the results of monitoring to adjust the process and maintain control
  • Establish corrective actions to be taken when monitoring indicates that there is a deviation from an established critical limit.
  • Establish effective record keeping procedures that document the HACCP system.
  • Establish procedures for verification that the HACCP system is working correctly.
  • Determine the key factors for successful HACCP implementation.
  • Establish HACCP plan maintenance and measurement procedures.
  • Recognize Regulatory Issues Impacting the Implementation of HACCP Systems

    This course is suited to participants who have foundation knowledge in basic food safety principles including personal hygiene, pest control, cleaning & sanitation, waste management, safe storage and allergen management.

    If you wish to learn more about these basic concepts please review our Express Learning Modules by clicking here.


    All successful participants are awarded with two certificates, one from HACCP Mentor and one from the International HACCP Alliance (which contains the official gold seal).


    Your details will also be provided to the International HACCP Alliance for inclusion on the HACCP registry database for HACCP trained individuals.  The USDA recognizes these individuals.

    This course is also recognized HACCP training by GFSI programs eg. SQF, BRCGS and is a suitable equivalent for retailer compliance.


    This training is suitable for those responsible for the implementation and management of food safety, HACCP and quality systems and processes within a food manufacturing or production environment. This includes: 

    • HACCP Team leaders
    • Food Safety and Quality System staff
    • Shift Supervisors
    • Technical Managers
    • Supplier Assurance Managers
    • Product Development and Innovation Managers
    • Procurement staff

    It is also suitable for any food handler who wants to up-skill their knowledge of HACCP and food safety program development and implementation.


    All course options provide you with a comprehensive course student manual, activity workbook and HACCP templates.

    Live Virtual or Onsite

    You will also have access to after-course mentoring via email for a period of 3 months.

    On-demand with Live Mentoring

    You will have access to individual consultation & mentoring with the instructor during the course. Individual feedback is provided for all course activities. This can be via email, telephone and/or video chat.


    This training is delivered online. The HACCP Mentor training videos are able to be viewed on almost every OS including Mac OS, Windows and Linux. You should also be able to view this training on your apple or android mobile device (with the exception of Blackberry device).

    We also work with all of the major browsers and versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc. Online training delivered through the HACCP Mentor website uses online videos which will work on any browser that supports Adobe Flash and/or HTML5. The only requirement for viewing Flash content is Flash Player 9 or greater. To ensure the best play-back, we typically recommend remaining up to date with your Flash version whenever possible.

    For media other than video, an up-to-date PDF reader is required. You can download Adobe PDF reader by clicking here.

    All training videos require a computer or device sound source. You can either use your computer speakers or a device compatible headset / earphones.

    For any other questions, please refer to our FAQ.


    Basic / Intermediate


    Up to 16 hours


    On-demand online


    Certificate of competency

    The HACCP Principles and Application course is designed to teach you how to develop, implement and maintain a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. 

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    1. Stuart Nixon (verified owner)

      The entire course was beneficial providing a holistic understanding of HACCP.

    2. John Bushman (verified owner)

      I came in not knowing anything about HACCP and now feel confident I can not only audit and maintain our current HACCP plans we have but put together new ones for new projects.

    3. Aaron Pickford (verified owner)

      Thank you for your help & guidance through my course.

    4. Sheree Mueller (verified owner)

      In my situation, an external source set up the business HACCP plan which I have since just been following the model. This course has now provided me with understanding how the plan was constructed and how to continually maintain and improve the plan. I [also] appreciated the support you give to students with their workbooks and the helpful feedback in corrections.

    5. Thomasina Krosnoski (verified owner)

      It’s hard to know where to start I learned so much. I had heard the word HACCP in college once or twice but didn’t give it much thought, I now understand why it’s so useful.

    6. Peter Lines (verified owner)

      The instructor provided feedback very quickly and her responses were extremely helpful.

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